Tree Guards & Landscape Fencing

Curb Allure designs high quality modular metal tree guards and landscape fencing to protect trees and gardens throughout North America against outdoor urban elements. Our interchangeable patented metal garden and tree fencing system, also referred to as tree pit guards, tree box fencing or a tree well fence, is easy to assemble, reasonably priced and designed to last. Curb Allure's metal fences help protect our urban trees and gardens to make our streets more livable, breathable and beautiful.

Curb Allure offers a variety of decorative fence panels and accessories that include garden planter boxes, sit spikes (also known as loafers), decorative post caps, adjustable feet and urine shields. Browse our comprehensive site of module fencing products to find exactly what you need. Click here to view examples NYC Tree Guards that we have in place throughout Manhattan to protect New York City Trees.

Curb Allure tree guards and landscape fencing have been successfully installed in Boston, San Francisco, Providence, Hoboken, Jersey City, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Toronto, Montreal, Seattle, Denver, Montreal, Takoma Park, Richmond, and many other towns and cities.